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Most companies and businesses are strengthened in getting help with its economy and financing. We support you in all phases of the process, via an overall commitment or in specific cases.

  • Factoring
  • Accounts receivable ledger services
  • Invoicing services
  • Purchase of invoice
  • Reminders and demands
  • Micro loans for newly established enterprises



Strong finances, secure cash flows and access to liquid funds are self-evident prerequisites for a stable and growing business, and especially for SMEs. Within Profina Finans, we work closely with our clients to help them with this process and the solutions vary, depending very much on the client’s situation.

A recurrent need from our clients is to make capital available to strengthen liquidity, streamline payment flow and simplify administration.

This in order to focus on one’s own core business. By working closely with our clients and being well-acquainted with their businesses, we can offer fast and efficient credit assessment as well as advantageous financing through factoring or purchase of invoices. We monitor and manage the payment flow making sure that the money is promptly available. As a business you will simply enjoy an improved liquidity and minimizes the financial administration.

Har du fått brev från oss?

Payment references

Domestic payments

60 96 08-5

Foreign payments

IBAN SE96 9500 0099 6042 0609 6085
Bank Nordea, 105 71 Stockholm

Do you have anything on your mind?

Answer Om du anser att kravet är riktigt bör du betala skulden, inklusive ränta och inkassokostnad, inom den tid som anges i inkassokravet. Contact your supplier to amend the original invoice

Answer We are commissioned by other companies and therefore handle everything that pertains to their invoices.

Answer No, we are not able to withdraw any money from any account. You have most likely paid to our account on behalf of one of our clients.


Yes, the supplier is entitled to charge you for certain charges pertaining to debt collection. Which these costs are, is governed by law, and as such, the supplier may not charge additional costs by agreement.


Submit a written defrayment to us and we will forward it to our client. During the dispute, the invoice will be withheld, which means that there will be no reminders or demands for collection.

Answer Make an inquiry directly to the issuer of the invoice with your question!

Answer At the bottom of the footer, to the left of the reminder, it tells you who you have ordered from. It also lists their contact information.

Answer According to the Interest Act, interest on overdue payment is due one month after the invoice has been sent to the client. If the due date is determined in advance, one may have to pay from the due date.

Answer This is something we do not determine. You would have to contact your supplier and deal with them.

Answer Yes, that works just fine! Use the IBAN number found under “Payment references”.

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