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Juridik regulates and controls a lot of the activities in the company and organization. We help you to use and utilize the law in a properly fashion, to simplify and minimize risks in your business. Everything from general counselling and planning to formulating documents, contracts, agreements and other legal documents.

  • Legal counselling
  • Company law and structures
  • Court proceedings
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Labour law
  • Agreement with customers and suppliers
  • Legal debt collection
  • Partner agreement
  • Transfers, wills and law of succession
  • Acquisitions, sales and transfers of companies


Profina juridik


Profina’s legal competence has been gathered in one unit, Profina Juridik, whose lawyers possess extensive knowledge of traditional business law. We can assist you with contract writings, transfer of company, draw up shareholder agreements etc. as well as act as agent in disputes and proceedings. As federation lawyers we are also accustomed to issues pertaining to labour law.

In addition, we have extensive experience in managing international disputes and have through the network TCM Group International Ltd. also access to qualified lawyers around the world.

The company’s legal protection insurance may in many cases be used to cover a large part of the agent’s cost. We hold the approval of the insurance companies’ Legal Protection Board and can help you to receive legal protection in your insurance and in such way receive up to 80% of the costs covered.

For a lot of people, law is difficult to understand and handle it properly. Profina Juridik will help you as a customer with the correct supporting documentation and proper protection in the business. We also offer legal debt collections for major claims, which means that the debt collection case is handled by a lawyer and receives higher priority. These errands are often settled faster, meaning that the credit loss will be lower.

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