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Every client and every business assignment is unique and special, at least that is how we perceive it. Often, debt collection, reminders, and financial administration can be sensitive, and good business relationships can be compromised unless everything is handled in the best possible manner. That is why at Profina, since the start of 1983, we have been working on custom-made solutions based on the requirements of each assignment. And of course with the goal of achieving optimal results for you as a client. It’s simply a matter of chiseling out a solution where the manner of achieving results can be customized on a case-by-case basis, but where a successful outcome is always in focus. In addition to national and international debt collection services, we also offer our clients financing in the form of factoring, invoice purchases and certain types of loans. Our lawyers play an important role and will assist our clients in preventing problems. For example, when an agreement is formed or a business dispute has arisen. In a somewhat small, square world of numbers and rules, we at Profina also apply a more human and relative perspective to achieve the best results. Everything is not black and white, and therefore a one and exact same process does not fit the bill for all our customers. This becomes clear when we go beyond the borders of the country, and which is why we have acquired local presence in 145 countries. A text like this could easily become a subjective song of praise to our own business, but I can promise you as a customer with us, you will be well taken care of and that you will be treated both uniquely and special as I mentioned at the beginning of my text. Welcome to us at Profina!

Christina Sturesson
Group chief executive and CEO

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