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1993 Profina Finans AB

Gunnar Bratt

In a small two room apartment in Kungsholmen in central Stockholm, is when we in 1983 laid the foundation for what today is Profina. It was then that Gunnar Bratt got the company Analys-Inkasso AB up and running. The first ten years were characterized by hard work and continuous growth for the business.


Profina Finans AB

In 1993 Analyze Ekonomi AI AB was established with focus on financial solutions with Lars Sandberg who took up office as CEO for this company.


Profina International AB

The following year, the company Profina International AB was acquired with extensive knowledge of international debt collection, with Tommy Stenberg as CEO of that company.



In 2006, the Group changed its name to Profina, and in conjunction with this, Gunnar left his post after 23 years, with Rolf Lundberg taking the helm as CEO for the debt collection business.


Profina is growing

Through the acquisition of Sundea Ekonomi AB / Sundsvall’s Legal Agency in 2008, an office was opened in Sundsvall, and a sales office in Halmstad opened in the same year. Three years later, it was time to open another office, this time in Malmö.


2012 Change of CEO

In 2012, Lars Sandberg stepped down as CEO of Profina Finans AB and Christina Sturesson took over the role as CEO. The following year, Rolf Lundberg handed over the CEO position of Profina AB to Christina Sturesson, who also became group chief executive of the Profina Group.

Har du fått brev från oss?
Har du fått brev från oss?