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International Debt Collection

The collection of international debts usually requires a local presence. Profina International is represented in 145 countries through its part-owned subsidiary TCM Group International Ltd. This means that our debt collection is based on knowledge of local customs, language and case law, the value of which is shown by our high success rate and repeat business.

Profina International handles both claims from smaller family companies and large export claims for Swedish and non-Swedish groups, government companies and authorities, credit insurance institutions, debt collection agencies and banks. We have extensive experience within our field, cultivated contacts throughout the world and legal experts who also work nationally within Sweden.

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We work mainly on a commission basis and we therefore have a common interest in completing assignments quickly and effectively.

Profina International

How it works

International claims are unique and cannot be handled as bulk cases. We assess each case individually and in its handling we take into account variables such as your customer’s country, the type and size of the claim, as well as any complaints there may be. You submit assignments in the way that is easiest for you and you can establish special procedures with your personal caseworker, who will also continually update you on the case.


We look forward to a long-term cooperation with you that benefits us both. Profina International is a sound and stable company with the highest credit rating from credit reference agencies that brokers preferential credit insurance and provides international credit references and international debt collection.

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